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7 deviants said :iconcyborgplz::iconsaysplz:A goddamn hero plain and simple! He cares about everyone and really wants to help everyone!
4 deviants said :iconbatmanplz::iconsaysplz:A fucking boyscout who can't just accept how bleak and full of bullshit the world really is.
2 deviants said :iconlexjoyplz::iconsaysplz:A golden calf with powers no man should have and the hubris to match, it makes me sick how much everyone just adores him without question.
2 deviants said :iconnotapizzaatallplz::iconsaysplz:A really strong guy yes....but I am pretty sure I can beat him in a fight.
1 deviant said :icontheflashplz::iconsaysplz:A loaf of white bread whose as boring as any given Naruto filler episode, he's also quite the stick in the mud.
1 deviant said :iconttravenplz::iconsaysplz:A guardian angel whose love and kindness is beyond measure.
1 deviant said :iconcaptainmarvelplz::iconsaysplz:A person that I so wish I was and will strive to be. Shit he's a better role model than even Jesus!
No deviants said :iconwonderwomanplz::iconsaysplz:A candy ass too afraid to just use all his power to get the job done and will just go into an emotional crisis when he so much as steps on a flower. A FLOWER.
No deviants said :icongreenarrowplz::iconsaysplz:A complete pawn of the world governments willing to win their wars for them if they so much as say "pretty please with cherry on top".
Comes out tomorrow apparently, then on Friday I go pick up my copy of Bayonetta 2 that I fully paid off at Gamestop literally years ago, like when they not only announced it but it was then put up for pre order. Gonna pick up the Evil Within as well, rented it from a Redbox and played a couple chapters and I'm liking what I played so hell I'm gonna get it. Still in a bit of an artist drought right now, more focused on writing than drawing so I'm kind of unable to draw a damn thing right now....

Anyhoo I'm writing this just to vent and get out of a writing funk, another one of those "Terry writes random concept shit down for the lolz" journal entries that I haven't done very often as of late.

Y'know what I'd like to see? A Shonen Jump crossover game that basically starred Jojo, like everything regarding the story mode was basically like this- (X=SJ Franchise) (Y=SJ character from X that the player chooses to play as)
The final battle of X is coming to a close. The villains employ a last ditch effort utilizing time and space distortion to win the war, it works but far from what the villains intended. Instead of merely recreating the world in their image this distortion merely brings something from another universe all together.....a massive stone pillar of which three seemingly dead beings come back to life when they get a hold of fresh blood.

The Pillar Men are reborn. Thanks to the time distortion the terrifying trio of Kars, Wamuu and Esidisi are once again alive and free to run amuck as they please. Their first order of business is to ravage the world of X, namely feed off as many of the heroes and villains of X as they possibly can before then going to find the Red Stone of Aja to complete a plan they started eons ago.

Y is the only one left, whether the only one able to stand or just the only one left alive is unclear, all that is known to Y is that they are the only one who was lucky enough to weather/survive the sudden storm of vampiric fury. And it is Y who is found by a mysterious stranger calling himself DIO. This stranger has come to draft Y, imploring Y to take responsibility for the utter folly his world has wrought and stop the Pillar Men from becoming "perfect beings" free to devour the now connected parallel universes at their leisure. Whether or not Y acceps this task willingly matters not for this DIO leaves them no other choice but to follow him, his strange charisma and deafening aura enough to control even the most dangerous villains of X. And thus the race is on for Y and DIO to hunt down the Pillar Men before it's too late....but one wonders what will happen if DIO does manage to bring the Pillar Men down, perhaps Y would only end up trading one dangerous threat to all the parallel universe for another.....

All the while, a group of five powerful psychic Crusaders following the trails of Stardust embark on the same mission to stop the Pillar Men. Their real target however is DIO himself.


This game would be called "Dio's World" since by all accounts Dio would actually be the main character.

I'd like to see Platimum make a game like this, take their expertise in action game systems and apply it to a dedicated one on one fighter. Like literally if Bayonetta was a fighting game, a far better outcome than all those recent Dragon Ball and Naruto "fighting games" that focus more on the "authentic Dragon Ball experience" than actually making a fun goddamn game. Super Mode would be much more streamlined and balanced compared to all other "anime fighters", all it would do is allow a character to access alternate movesets not too far removed from their standard layouts and give them entirely different Super Moves, no bullshit power buffs or unfair moves. And you can only have one Super Mode at a time, none of that crap where you can just transform from Super Saiyan One all the way up to Super Saiyan Gogeta, just pick one and stick with it. All characters would have one Super Mode by default with any additional ones available being unlockable. Roster would also be more balanced, not some insane hundred plus character bullshit like in the recent Ninja Storm games (I mean Jesus do we really need every fucking last character in Naruto in one game?) Each represented franchise would at most get nine characters tops, four from the start, four standard unlockable and one super secret unlockable. And aside from DLC only six highlight franchises (and two hidden franchises) would be showcased on the disc to keep things tight...

:bulletblue:Dio Brando
-The World
-Empowered Dio
:bulletblue:Jotaro Kujo
-Star Platinum
-Star Platinum the World
:bulletblue:Old Joseph Joestar
-Hermit Purple
-American Crackers
:bulletblue:Jean Pierre Polnareff
-Silver Chariot
:bulletred:Noriaki Kakyoin
-Hierophant Green
:bulletred:Muhammad Abdol
-Magician's Red
-The Fool
:bulletred:Hol Horse
-J.Geil's the Hangman
-Boingo's Thoth
:bulletpurple:Caesar Anthonio Zappeli
-Bubble Cutter

:bulletblue:Son Goku
-Super Saiyan Goku
-Super Saiyan 3
-Super Saiyan 4
-Super Saiyan God
:bulletblue:Piccolo Junior
-Great Namek
-Fusion with Kami
-Second Form Frieza
-Third Form Frieza
-Final Form Frieza
-Semi-Perfect Cell
-Perfect Cell
:bulletred:Future Trunks
-Super Saiyan Trunks
-3rd Grade Super Saiyan
-Unlockable Potential
-Team Up with Kid Gohan
-Team Up with Android 18
:bulletred:Android 16
-Power Core Overclock
:bulletred:Prince Vegeta
-Mighty Ooozaru
-Super Saiyan Vegeta
-Ascended Saiyan
-Super Saiyan 4
-Judgment Time!

:bulletblue:Ichigo Kurosaki
-Tensa Zangetsu
-Vizard Mask Ichigo
-Hollow Ichigo (Hueco Mondo Arc)
-Saigo No Getsuga Tenshou
:bulletblue:Orihime Inoue
-Team up with Sado Yasutora
-Team Up with Rukia Kuchiki 
:bulletblue:Kenpachi Zaraki
-Eyepatch Removal
:bulletblue:Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
-Resurrección Pantera
:bulletred:Uryu Ishida
-Ginrei Kojaku
-Seele Schneider
:bulletred:Yoruichi Shihoin
-Anti-Hierro Armor
-Team Up with Kisuke Urahara
:bulletred:Byakuya Kuchiki
-Senbonzakura Kageyoshi
:bulletred:Ulquiorra Cifer
-Resurrección Murciélago
-Resurrección Segunda Etapa
:bulletpurple:Sosuke Aizen
-Hōgyoku Fourth Fusion
-Hōgyoku Final Fusion

:bulletblue:Monkey D. Luffy
-Gear Second
-Gear Third
-Haoshoku Haki
:bulletblue:Roronoa Zoro
-Diable Jambe
:bulletblue:Battle Franky 37
-Kurosai FR-U IV
-Brachio Tank V
-Franky Shogun
:bulletred:Tony Tony Chopper
-Heavy Point
-Horn Point
-Monster Point
-Team Up with Usopp
:bulletred:Nico Robin
-Mil Fleur Gigantesco Mano
-Soul Solid
:bulletpurple:Portgas D. Ace

:bulletblue:Naruto Uzumaki
-Jinchuriki Four Tails Form
-Sage Mode
-Nine Tails Chakra Mode
:bulletblue:Sasuke Uchiha
-Cursed Seal Transformation
-Sasuke's Susanoo
:bulletblue:Sakura Haruno
-Strength of a Hundred Seal Release
-Team Up with Sai
:bulletblue:Kakashi Hatake
-Lighting Release
-Kakashi's Kamui
:bulletred:Killer B
-Jinchuriki Eight Tails Form
:bulletred:Gaara of the Sands Waterfall
-Jinchuriki Shukaku
-Sand Shield Gaara's Mother
-Impure World Reincarnation
:bulletred:Deva Path Pain
-Team Up with Konan
-Six Paths of Pain
:bulletpurple:Obito Uchiha
-Obito's Kamui
-Six Paths Sage

The last highlight franchise represented on the disc would not be a Shonen Jump title but a guest franchise, lord knows if they allow Star Wars in Soulcalibur 4 and several non-Nintendo characters in Smash I doubt this would be out of the question. And frankly I feel this franchise in particular would actually be a good fit alongside Shonen Jump.
:bulletblue:Ryuko Matoi
-Life Fiber Syncronize - Senketsu
-Berserker Mode
-Life Fiber Override - Junketsu
-Senketsu Kisaragi
:bulletblue:Mako Mankanshoku
-Two Star Goku Uniform
-Standard Nudist Beach Dotonbori Robo
:bulletblue:Satsuki Kiryuin
-Life Fiber Override - Junketsu
-Life Fiber Synchronize - Senketsu
:bulletblue:Nui Harime
-Mon-Mignon Prêt-à-Porter
-Shapeshifting Arms
:bulletred:Uzu Sanageyama
-Blade Regalia Mk.II
-Blade Regalia Mk.III
-Blade Regalia Secret Unsealed
:bulletred:Nonon Jakuzure
-Symphony Regalia De Capo
-Symphony Regalia Mk. II
-Symphony Regalia Finale
:bulletred:Hoka Inumuta
-Probe Regalia
-Probe Regalia Truth Unveiled
:bulletred:Ira Gamagori
-Scourge Regalia
-Shackle Regalia Persona Unleashed
:bulletpurple:Ragyo Kiryuin
-Life Fiber Override - Junketsu

:bulletred:Light Yagami
-Death Note
:bulletpurple:Raoh the Conqueror

:bulletblue:Legendary Saiyan Broly
:bulletblue:Super Buu/Kid Buu
:bulletblue:The Ginyu Force
:bulletblue:Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto
:bulletblue:Yammy Llargo
:bulletblue:Edward Newgate
:bulletblue:Donquixote Doflamingo
:bulletblue:Mecha Naruto
:bulletblue:Madara Uchiha
:bulletblue:Vanilla Ice
:bulletblue:Yoshikage Kira
:bulletblue:Enrico Pucci
:bulletblue:Funny Valentine
:bulletpurple:FINAL BOSS - Ultimate Dio If Dio gets the Red Stone of Aja and accompanying Stone Mask.
:bulletpurple:ALTERNATE FINAL BOSS - Ultimate Kars If the player was playing as Dio Brando.

Well that was fun while it lasted. Now to get back to what I'm suppose to be doing right now....
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Welcome to my Carnival of Rust

I am your host, Ringmaster Terry "Tyrranux" Jones, a most disturbed individual when you scratch deep past the surface, on the outside though I'm just a run of the mill loser like everyone else. Here on Deviantart is where I have set up shop, my carnival of dead dreams and hopeful wishes gallore...

Go ahead, take a look around. We have all manner of attractions here. We got the ever popular three ring Tyrranux Universe circus, a collection of mutants and freaks giving you a crossover clusterfuck extraveganza that is not for the faint of heart, parental supervision is vastly required for this show. If you wish you can visit the museum where all of my written tombs come to life if you wish them to. We got several Transformers petting zoos and even a Mega Man themed fashion show featuring your favorite stars. There is also Kingdom Hearts gallore, so many other things and maybe a Little Pony or two just for the kids. There is nothing too childish, girly, dark, sinister or whatnot for my show, well maybe somethings I won't have in my show but overall I got a lot of stuff for a wide audience.

So come on into my big top, all are welcome and admission is free. Just be careful of the rust, it leaves such a nasty stain...


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