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Let's face it even if Sakurai wants no part of it there's more than likely gonna be a Smash Bros. Five regardless. So what would you guys like to see? 

35 deviants said :iconshantaeplz::iconsaysplz:I SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE GAME ALREADY GODDAMMIT!
17 deviants said :iconwonderredplz::iconsaysplz:Y'know, my game was one of the stand out titles that helped define the Wii U, you'd think I would have at least got a Assist Trophy cameo in Smash 4.
13 deviants said Pet Shop Pidgeot Stamp by Tyrranux:iconsaysplz:These choices are garbage I'll specify in the comments below what Smash Five really needs!
9 deviants said :iconscroogemcduckplz::iconsaysplz:How's about someone with some real nostalgic star power that both gamers and non gamers can get behind? And no I'm not talking about that stupid mouse!
9 deviants said :iconganondorfplz::iconsaysplz:Well, how about a version of me where I finally have MY OWN GODDAMN MOVESET SWEAT JESUS?! I bet the only reason Robin got in was so they could give me the shaft again, AGAIN! FUCK!
5 deviants said :iconsimonbelmontplz::iconsaysplz:So that jabroni Solid Snake can make an appearance but not a REAL Konami mainstay? HashTag Fuck Konami.
5 deviants said :icongenoplz::iconsaysplz:Of all the fan favorite characters that Square Enix has the fucking copyright leash on they picked the one that has NEVER made an appearance on a Nintendo console....CHAIN OF MEMORIES DOESN'T COUNT!
3 deviants said :icontetrisplz::iconsaysplz:I could go for a sentient Tetris Block, after all that game made the Game Boy...
3 deviants said :iconearthwormjimplz::iconsaysplz:Oh what, would you prefer the guys from Contra instead? The guys from Metal Slug? Fuck those guys I can use my head as a whip!
1 deviant said :iconmarinaliteyearsplz::iconsaysplz:You know what this game really needs? A really good dedicated grappler character!
Still haven't finished the game yet but out of morbid curiosity I took a peek at the opening of chapter eleven on Youtube. I want to hurt Lin. I want to strangle her, I want to make her suffer, I want to kill her........I want to rip out her cold, black, evil heart......

I played the side mission that has mention of Prone chopping up humans. I played the side missions with that fucktard Alex going full KKK and wanting to exterminate all xenos. I even played the side mission where innocent Ma-Mon were suckered into a religious cult only to end up slaughtered for their trouble. Hell I even played the side mission where I end up saving enemy Prone who took part in the attack of NLA, then for an encore I end up helping these same Prone find safe haven within the same city they tried to destroy. I played the side mission where a Prone woman gets married to a human man against her father's wishes. Mission after mission, both main and side, I watched as my actions, my efforts ended up bringing humanity into further diplomatic and even friendship founded coexistence with all manner of creatures far removed from my own. I was literally seeing the magic of friendship unfold in an environment that would otherwise see the concept die in pools of human blood! All the hours I put into this game watching our heroes fight to survive against an alien race coalition hell bent on slaughtering humans like animals they even force other xeno races to kill on their behalf! On watching our heroes try to bring peace between humans and the other races of Mira.....

And after all that, THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO?! LIN LITERALLY TRYING TO COOK TATSU?! THE FUCK IS THIS DOUBLE STANDARD HORSESHIT?! So this whole time all these constant cracks she's made at him were dead serious? And for fucksakes there is even a treaty formed between Human and Nopon, the very same species that Tatsu is from! I'm surprised this two faced cunt isn't also making up some recipes for Ma-Mom Burgers, Wrothian Ramen Soup, Qlurian Sushi, Gaur Tacos, Prone Teriyaki or best yet some Orphean Salad! I mean if it's okay to eat a goddamn xeno just because he looks like a giant potato why not just harvest all the others for food right?!

It's like I'm watching a very bad episode of Family Guy, no, like watching the Drawn Together movie. This joke that was suppose to make me laugh just ends up making me hate this story for even having this running gag, for running it into the ground and worse taking it to a dark place where all the humor to be had is replaced by disgust. All of the aforementioned content I brought up, the serious tone and message about finding peace beyond racial barriers, the idea that humanity is able to bring all these alien races together. All of that ruined, fucking ruined, by the worst goddamn running gag I've ever seen in a Japanese made work of fiction since "Sit Boy". In other words....
:icongalvatronplz::iconsaysplz:THIS IS BAD COMEDY!

Okay enough being melodramatic over a crappy joke, time for the real talk. I’ve been just full hermit these last few days on Xenoblade Chronicles X. Turns out the whole “only 40 hours needed for the poultry twelve chapter story” statement that most reviews I’ve seen make was a load of horse shit as I’ve had to dedicate triple, maybe even quadruple that amount to be able to get up to level 40 and beyond. Had I not I probably would even be able to get passed chapter ten which was almost as much a near fucking disaster as chapter 9 was. Not even finished with the game yet, still have at least two more chapters to go and the countless other side missions I’ll have to play to prepare. 

And to top it all off, I ordered Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii through Gamestop’s mail delivery service about a week ago and now it’s sitting in my room as I type this, a meager fifty bucks spent instead of the forty bucks AND two hundred or so for the “New” Nintendo 3DS needed to play it. I would say I dodged a financial bullet there but in the end I’m still taking a hit here….to my time……pray for my safe return, I might not be coming back…….

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Welcome to my Carnival of Rust

I am your host, Ringmaster Terry "Tyrranux" Jones, a most disturbed individual when you scratch deep past the surface, on the outside though I'm just a run of the mill loser like everyone else. Here on Deviantart is where I have set up shop, my carnival of dead dreams and hopeful wishes gallore...

Go ahead, take a look around. We have all manner of attractions here. We got the ever popular three ring Tyrranux Universe circus, a collection of mutants and freaks giving you a crossover clusterfuck extraveganza that is not for the faint of heart, parental supervision is vastly required for this show. If you wish you can visit the museum where all of my written tombs come to life if you wish them to. We got several Transformers petting zoos and even a Mega Man themed fashion show featuring your favorite stars. There is also Kingdom Hearts gallore, so many other things and maybe a Little Pony or two just for the kids. There is nothing too childish, girly, dark, sinister or whatnot for my show, well maybe somethings I won't have in my show but overall I got a lot of stuff for a wide audience.

So come on into my big top, all are welcome and admission is free. Just be careful of the rust, it leaves such a nasty stain...


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