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Would you be down with Nintendo putting an NPC based on Robin Williams in a future Zelda?… 

82 deviants said :icontplinkplz::iconsaysplz:Oh hell the fuck yes, the guy was such a fan he named his daughter after my game! We owe him!
23 deviants said :iconmidnaplz::iconsaysplz:Well shit I just don't even have an answer to that.
18 deviants said :iconprincesszeldaplz::iconsaysplz:I'm gonna have to say no, heart would be in the right place but the world would just see it as a rather disrespectful publicity stunt even if they did it right. I say just let his legacy be as is.
1 deviant said :iconganondorfplz::iconsaysplz:Oh vector Sigma, these backwater peasants will put out a petition for anything won't they? Well at least it's not for something stupid this that Bayonetta 2 bullshit....
Been playing a lot of Pokemon Y these last few days, finally finishing the second Gen VI playthrough I started I think a month or so ago. And after all is said and done I dabbled a bit with the online multiplayer functions and learned how much I hate that level 50 rule for battling, even with this whole EV-Training BS to consider I know for damn sure my Pokemon don't go down in one hit like total bitches like this game has them doing. At least the Pokemon Trading was more fun, hell I got a damn Mudkip out of the deal! After that, well, I think my once lost enthusiasm towards "Catching Em' All" has, perhaps been reignited.

But don't it just figure? I finally get that drive to want to catch all the Pokemon back at a time where there are now SEVEN HUNDRED AND NINETEEN POKEMON TO CATCH, half of which I know for sure have yet to even be updated to Gen VI and thus have to be handed out to people as straight up free of charge and completely randomized DLC (or "Mystery Gifts" as they call it) just to even give people the chance to even see them in gen VI at all.

And of top of that, my forty dollar Pokemon X cartridge is now suddenly a paperweight. For some reason it just won't even read, neither my 3DS or 2DS reads it. Yes I did in fact buy a 2DS for painfully obvious reasons but now I'll have to digitally download Pokemon X and basically reclaim all the Pokemon I apparently just lost....including my team from my first first Greninja, my Raichu, my Aurorus, my Aegislash....I lost my goddamn Charizard X! I lost the two Lucarios I ended up with that both had the Mega Stone and of course that bonus Torchic with its Mega Stone they handed out to everybody shortly after X/Y's release. Oh sure I could just wait for Alpha and Omega to come out but it just wouldn't be the same, that Torchic I had was pretty much as valuable as a Shiny Pokemon to me, and now it's gone.....

So, as you can tell I am pretty bummed out. On the flipside I did manage to keep the Mega Stone for Gardevoir I got from X so at least there was that. And at the moment I've been working on the Kalos Pokedex, got a bit of it filled in already. If anyone is even interested in seeing what I have to offer in trades you can look me up on my 2DS here - 
0404 - 6971 - 6944
And yes the game that will get the most millage out of this code will be Pokemon Y. Not gonna be on all the time, there are things I SHOULD be doing instead of wasting minutes on a blasted video game, God I'm such a lazy fucker.....

End of Line Man...

And for those curious about my second Gen VI playthrough team they are as follows -

"Zantetsuken (formerly Holy Diver); Lv. 83 GRENINJA
-Night Slash

"Little Boy; Lv. 82 MEGA CHARIZARD Y
-Dragon Claw
-Solar Beam

"Bahamut Rex; Lv. 82 TYRANTRUM
-Dragon Claw
-Draco Meteor

"Valiant Edge; Lv. 71 GALLADE
-Close Combat
-Magical Leaf
-Shadow Ball
-Psycho Cut

"RadiantHeart; Lv. 72 MEGA GARDEVOIR
-Dazzling Gleam
-Future Sight
-Energy Ball
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Welcome to my Carnival of Rust

I am your host, Ringmaster Terry "Tyrranux" Jones, a most disturbed individual when you scratch deep past the surface, on the outside though I'm just a run of the mill loser like everyone else. Here on Deviantart is where I have set up shop, my carnival of dead dreams and hopeful wishes gallore...

Go ahead, take a look around. We have all manner of attractions here. We got the ever popular three ring Tyrranux Universe circus, a collection of mutants and freaks giving you a crossover clusterfuck extraveganza that is not for the faint of heart, parental supervision is vastly required for this show. If you wish you can visit the museum where all of my written tombs come to life if you wish them to. We got several Transformers petting zoos and even a Mega Man themed fashion show featuring your favorite stars. There is also Kingdom Hearts gallore, so many other things and maybe a Little Pony or two just for the kids. There is nothing too childish, girly, dark, sinister or whatnot for my show, well maybe somethings I won't have in my show but overall I got a lot of stuff for a wide audience.

So come on into my big top, all are welcome and admission is free. Just be careful of the rust, it leaves such a nasty stain...


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Azmodan0210 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
I like your artwork is the true defenition of badass!
heroquester2016 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Artist…

Can you tell me what you think about this Made up Boss I made, and leave a comment saying who should fight this. Also can you draw this in your drawing style.
MethusulaComics Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
hey terry, out of curiosity have you ever considered adding characters like Casshern, Vincent law/Ergo Proxy and Cyborg 009 to the tyrranux universe?
heroquester2016 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Student Artist…

Can you help me with an Idea for a made up Boss for this soundtrack?
Struffert20 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aniviod2904 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
:3 i know how to beat you impossible challenge... using the miracle of karmic justice of dark souls...
XGluon Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
Hey Terry, you ever heard of MUGEN?

It's a fighting game engine that allows you to pit...oh, I don't know...just about every fighting game character there is against each other.

You can do DC superheroes VS. Marvel superheroes...Saiyans VS. Stand-Users...heck, I know for a fact that there are even My Little Pony characters available for MUGEN!
(You'll need to find them and download them, though.  MUGEN only comes default with a character named Kung Fu Man.)

And the best part?
It's completely free.

I should know...I have it.
So...what do you think?  Is it something that you think you would like?
bAv-inc Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
>that feel when a real good artist saves your work
My body is not ready.
deadhero16 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
looks like you're becoming famous on Youtube with your comics.
Bomerman3001 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
My 2ds is geting check on by Nintendo 
SeriesArtiststarter Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
Terry! I'm interested in knowing your reaction to the announcement that Thor, is going to basically be a Female from now on, as announced by Marvel.
Tyrranux Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
If I actually read current comics at all let alone Marvel I'd have an opinion about it. As it stands though I really don't care...
SeriesArtiststarter Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014
Well for those that just "generally know" Thor, and for those that do know Thor a bit better this is a odd development to say the least. There ain't much to care about, either it's an okay transition or adds some personality to the character; heh....Death comes to all, whether in by object or being.
nioniosbbbb Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014
You know what i dont give a damn if ppl say your comic are sometimea disturbing... I still laugh my ass off. You are awesome.
DragonSnake9989 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for faving Twin Dragons-Lion Hearts! :D
Logan0x0 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
your comics are hilarious :D
SeriesArtiststarter Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
Yo Jones! I was wondering if you could give me your own damn critique and or recommendation about Darkwing Duck; see I'm watching this… and frankly I'm loving it! So what I wanna know is this, recommend watching it? Also...because of watching that thus far I made my own line:icontyrranux:.

I Am The Terror That Flaps In The Night! I Am The Wind That Wrecks Your World!; I Am Darkwing Duck!
GrimDreamArt Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
A late thanks for faving "Fantasy Pond"!
Primal-Lord Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Student General Artist
thanks for the fav Terry :thumbsup:
LinkHelios234 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Student Artist
can you do request
superkiel Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
ProForm Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
Say quick question, have you tried do any artwork of the Precure series in your style? I think it would look awesome in my opinion. =)
Tetsuya-the-Wise Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Think you could give me a critique?…
jokerfake Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the +favs
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