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November 10, 2010
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Keyblade Heroes by Tyrranux Keyblade Heroes by Tyrranux
KEYBLADE; Slaying Moon (a.k.a. Zangetsu)
A Keyblade Master from the world known as Soul Society, he was sent on a mission to intercept Master Xehanort after evidence points to him trying to create something he calls the "χ-Blade", but he himself ended up intercepted by a gathering of Heartless that somehow could wield Keyblades of their own. They pulled him into their dark realm known as Hueco Mundo where for years he had to fight for his own survival, in the process learning to become a being of twilight caught between human and Heartless.

And then Sora came across this dark world, having been pulled thereby a strange magic. Ichigo did not hesitate to find him before the new breed of Heartless could, learning of a greater turmoil rising outside this world, time paradoxes resetting the events of the recent past and throwing the worlds back a few years. In light of this, Ichigo decided to teach Sora the way to perform the Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony [link] thinking that he might need to deputize a few powerful individuals to help him in the coming crisis. After that the two of them tried to get off this dark world but got seperated, and Ichigo finds himself taking a different path towards the same goal of stoping the time paradoxes just as Sora is...
So I asked :iconarvalis: if I could render his KH Ichigo design for this and he said yes; [link], needless to say I could not imagine Ichigo wearing anything else holding that Keyblade I made for him^-^.
:bulletblue:Soul Society A once open and peaceful world, now under a fierce martial law. Ever since the disappearance of the Land of Departure it has become the only world where Keyblade Masters still reign, under the command of Master Yamamoto and his gathering of other Keyblade Masters the Gotei 13. It has become like a fortress keeping the in between sealed under a fierce deadlock and seperating the universe in two halves, the Blue Side (Disney/Square) and the Red Side (Everything Else), fearing that if this world should be opened up that the two halves would soon break out into severe conflict as the direct result of the χ-Blade's recent but brief moment of existence during the Keyblade Graveyard incident. Whether this world's lockdown will hold remains to be seen, more than ever though it is imperitive that this world remain hidden from the rest of the worlds.

KEYBLADE; Scarborough Fair
She was the only true Princess of Heart left in the Red Side, given the powers of the moon and appointed guardian of her world. But when Heartless begin to show up in her world lead by a strange new breed of Heartless bearing Keyblades, she and her friends quickly find themselves up against impossible odds.

But then Sora arrives, this being the first world he finds after crossing into the Red Side. Fearing he might not be able to protect her in the heat of battle against these new powerful foes he uses the Keybalde Inheritance Ceremony to give her a Keyblade of her own to battle these new forces. After she and Sora secures her home world, she decides that there is a much bigger crisis than just her own world and leaves along with Sora. However she too gets seperated from Sora and now has to take a different path towards the same goal.
I pulled from all kinds of references to make her outfit, at first her Keyblade had a massive butterfly wing [link] but it seemed a bit superphuous for this piece so I took it out and went with the moon design here.

ORIGINATING WORLD; Dragon Planet/Namek
KEYBLADE; Bahamut Edge
Another new friend that Sora had made in the Red Side, a powerful warrior of unparalleled skill who's intense light could repel the darkness like nobody's business. To give him a Keyblade was a no brainer as his strength and power would be much needed in the coming crisis, but before all that he had a planet to save from the galactic tyrant Frieza. When that fight was over he was able to join Sora on his adventure, at least up uintil he too got seperated and forced to take a different path towards the same goal.
Yeah, he holds a rather small Keyblade, why? Cause he isn't much for using weapons and I figured with a small Keyblade he'd still be able to use his own two mits as his primary fighting style even as he holds the blade in the same reversed style as Ventus. The Keyblade itself is based on the Gladius Hero Keyblade design I did earlier [link], the basic shape is the same with the teeth lowered near the hilt. Given how the pic is rendered you couldn't see the Keychain so I left it out.
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OutcastClankzilla Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Student General Artist
Wow. I was really late to favorite this! Awesome work!
Nihatemoon Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013
yay sailor moon
Wheenesss Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Quick question, by new breed of heartless that can wield keyblades do you mean hollows?
Tyrranux Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Moonfang77 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I like it. But I think Goku's keyblade should represent Shenron and be a little longer. Other than that. Its awesome!
super-saiyan-matt Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I like it...just Gokus blade should look a bit like Shenron imo <w> or knuckle duster style but meh. I like the designs on the other two though. Just Gokus doesn't seem....Dragonball style.
otaking3582 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I once had this dream that Mizore Shirayuki and Kurumu Kuruno (both from Rosario+Vampire) were dueling w/ keyblades; I should start drawing! Nice work, by the way...
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they sould make a comic story about this
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