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May 13, 2010
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Tyrranux Universe Iron Man by Tyrranux Tyrranux Universe Iron Man by Tyrranux
EDIT; Well to celebrate the awesomeness that was the Avengers movie I decided to redo this old Print Shot piece entirely in Manga Studio Debut.

Barbara Goodson
THEME SONG; AC DC "Highway to Hell"

The heiress of Stark Industries as well as its greatest scientific mind. Her weapons designs are revolutionary, putting Stark Industries at the very top of weapons developement for the United States. But that's just half of what makes Topanga Stark well known, the other half of her fame...well...a great deal of it includes a few full nude spreads in Playboy Magazine. She's an ecentric tomboyish party animal and a bit of a booze hound to boot, she likes her music loud and her boys able to keep up. Yeah despite her incredible genius she's not exactly the greatest role model for impressionable young girls, of course after breaking up with Bruce Wayne after a failed relationship it could be understandable why she chose to become a living, breathing satire of millionare playboys......

...and then shortly after a weapons demonstration in Egypt, she was kidnapped by terrorists. The actual kidnapping leaving to the severe damage to her heart that had her stuck with a car battery wired to her chest. Forced to create a new weapon using whatever parts she was given from the hordes of stolen Stark Industries weaponry, it was quite an awakening for her. And in this darkest of times in her life she created the prototype to what would be the ultimate weapon of this time, using said prototype to escape her captures.

And so Topanga Stark had found her way home in the states, and then shortly after that the mysterious hero "the Invincible Iron Man" had appeared. A super advanced "Tactical Anti-Weapon Android" of "unknown origins" that has been going about the world seeking and destroying all manner of Stark Industries weaponry that has fallen into the hands of terrorists. Already this anti-war machine has made enemies of such war mongerers as the infamous Dr. Doom, the rogue Amazonians calling themselves "Furies", the mysterious Mandarin, even the fiendish Gorilla Grogg and his "Secret Society".

But to the world this Iron Man is just a virtually indestructable android that came out of nowhere, no one would ever guess that underneath this genderless machine face is in fact the now tenacious Topanga Stark herself, now driven by a passionate dedication to protect this world that her company help put in its current dire state. She will not rest until she atones for her ignorance and naivatee, her legacy will not be that of a war monger!


Yeah you're probaly wondering what the fuck I was thinking right now. Well, to be honest my TU rendition of Iron Man is exactly the same as the original (or specifically the movie version), really besides a few cosmetic details to the actual armor itself my rendition is not really different at all. I didn't even think I would even bother giving Iron Man a TU Profile at all.

But then I saw this review of this shitty "send off" of Ultra Man that involved moe anime girls growing gigantic and having their clothes start to melt off, something about their embarrasment being the source of their power (it's as fucking retarded as it sounds). But then I thought "hmm, a female Ultra Man, that would be kind of cool", then I thought of a female version of Iron Man. And then, well here we are, female Tony Stark (it was a weird convoluted thought process).

In hindsight this ain't such a weird idea, take Samus Aran. Her armor ain't exactly "feminine" and most importantly the canon states that no one in the Federation (or much of the universe for that matter) even knows she's a woman, they just assume she's a guy. And if you recall in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, well I'll let you look into that one. But yeah it would be an interesting concept, a woman fighting evil as the rather genderless Iron Man. I'm curious as to the kind of conflict and character developement that would result of such a story.

As far as the TU Iron Man suit's capabilities, just refer to the Marvel VS. Capcom games. Hell it even comes with this small stealth drone jet that on command comes out of nowhere and transforms into that big ass "Plasma Cannon"^-^.

And before you ask, no, TU War Machine is not a woman. Rhodes is still a guy. Also I would prefer Barbara Goodson to voice this version if only to hear Topanga use "prodigious" as a catch phrase^-^.
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